Sunday, October 6, 2013

C4K September Summary

This I believe...
The first week I commented on a blog by a student who named themselves "American Eagle". This blog post was a post about something they believed in. This child believes in hard work. They stated that hard work is what helps you to make money and make a living, and they also stated that hard work will make people respect you. This child also put that if you do not work hard you will not be able to help yourself. They then gave an example of a time they had to mow their aunt's yard and the mower engine went out, and they had to go get a new one to finish the job. However, they did finish the job!

In my response comment to them, I told them my name and that I was a student in EDM 310 at South where I also had to do a blog. I then gave them a link to blog and asked them to check it out. I also stated that I thought hard work was a great thing to believe in! I, too, think that hard work is a necessity to succeeding. Things don't always come easy. Hard work always pays off! I also gave them a little tip; this tip was just to proofread their post for errors before posting it. 
(Link to This I believe... American Eagle's Blog Post)

All About Cool Owls 
This week, I commented on a little girl named Kaitlynne's blog. They learned about owls that day, and she put together a short presentation on the information she had learned. In her presentation she put a picture of what owls look like. It has lines that pointed out each area of the owl and what it was called. She also put in an interesting fact about owls that I didn't even know! They have two eyelids to help them sleep during the day. She added in what they eat and where they live. 

In my comment to her, I told her who I was and that I was an EDM 310 student at South Alabama. I told her that her presentation had a lot of good information. It was also very colorful and attention grabbing. It also had a lot of pictures. My tip to her was to be sure that her pictures did not cover up her words. I also gave her a link to my blog so she could take a look at it.
(Kaitlynne's Blog)

How Much Does the Sky Weigh? 
In this week, I commented on a girl named Janie's blog post "How much does the sky weigh?". Her blog stated that air is all around us, it goes from the ground to the sky. She told us that air is made up of molecules and that all of these molecules have a weight. She informed us also that the air weighs approximately 5 million billion tons! She also says that scientists say this is about equal to 570,000,000,000,000 adult Indian elephants!! She also states, luckily, this is all evenly distributed over the earth, but that it does add 15 pounds to every square inch of our bodies.

In my comment to her I told her that her post was very informative. I told her that I didn't even know that, and I am in college! (I really didn't know any of what she posted about!) My tip to her was to be sure to review for typos before posting. Other than that, it was a really good post! I also told her my name and that I was in a blogging class EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama, and I gave her a link to my blog.
(Janie's Blog)

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