Sunday, September 15, 2013

C4T Summary

My assigned teacher for these two weeks was Mrs. Edna Sackson’s blog What Ed Said

The first blog post of hers that I commented on was about student ownership. This idea first started in a planning session for year 6 students. This one session led to this huge idea of letting students have the opportunities to take ownership of their learning. In a social justice conference two years ago, the teachers established the PYP exhibition process. This is a way to introduce students to the range of issues relating to inequality, raising awareness, and to discourage thinking of inequalities. It also gives students the opportunity to talk to people who have been around or involved in acts of inequality. Lastly, it was to help students decide what they think is right or wrong, and help them develop ideas to take action. Each year, last year and this year, she has been trying to find ways to get the students more involved. Last year they let the students have time to talk amongst themselves after each speaker. This year, they are allowing students to write down what the speaker talks about, take pictures of the conference and then tweet, blog, or publish it in their own way. They also have the chance to be the welcome committee and the thanking committee for the speakers. They are also the ones making and handing out the flyers. Next year, her plan is to let the students run the whole conference. (Student Ownership Blog)

In my response comment, I told Mrs. Sackson how much I liked the idea that they are getting the kids involved and basically letting them run this conference for themselves. I think it is a great way for them to learn and practice their skills. It is a great chance to improve people skills, organization skills, and their writing skills. She along with others worked hard to get this conference to the place it is today. I think it is a great thing they are doing. Student involvement is so important to effective learning.

The second post of hers I commented on was the post 10 questions to help you become a better teacher. In the blog she summarizes the 10 questions she finds important to ask yourself when becoming a teacher. Her 10 main questions were all based on the students. Is the learning environment formed around the students? Will they all learn in this setting? Do I know my students? Am I teaching them effectively? Am I still learning new ways to teach my students? Am I giving them enough say so in the classroom? Am I incorporating art and fun activities into my teaching? All of Mrs. Sackson’s questions are very important in the teaching world. They classroom should be based on the students and the students’ way of learning. We are there for them. (10 Questions to help you become a Better Teacher Blog)

In my comment I told Mrs. Sackson how helpful I thought all of the questions she purposed in her blog were. I think they would help me now as I finish my classes, while I am in candidacy, and in my first few years as a new classroom teacher. They are very insightful questions that will definitely make you think about how you are helping your students as a teacher.

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