Sunday, September 1, 2013

Teaching in the 21st Century

Mr. Dancealot

Mr.Dancealot was the teacher of a dance class. He had been teaching it for 12 years. However, I don’t think he was very good at it at all! Mr. Dancealot could have done so many things with these students interested in learning all the many forms of dance. He could have taken them into the ballroom on the very first day of class and shown them the forms and hold that  they were expected to know. He could have pulled videos off of youtube of professional dancers doing these moves the correct way. He also could have brought in professional dancers to help the students with the dances they were learning. Instead, he taught these students dance by powerpoint. The powerpoint had diagrams of the moves, but that is not the way to learn an active lesson. While he did demonstrate some of these moves, he stayed behind his desk where the students couldn’t even see his feet moving. He should have stepped out in front where all the students could see what he was doing. I also think he should have let the students stand up and practice the moves they were going over each day as they were learning them instead of yelling at them to sit down and be quiet. Mr. Dancealot did know the moves he was teaching these students, but he was not teaching them very effectively. There were so many other resources out there that he could have used to help these students see what he was talking about. By the final at the end of the course, none of the students knew what was going on. They didn’t actually know how to do the dances.

Harness your students digital smarts by Emma Boren

This video was very eye opening, as was the whole website The video “Harness your students digital smarts” was based in a high school setting. These students had a class a lot like EDM310. It was internet based learning. The teacher in this classroom taught these students everything they needed to learn and more. She also gave the children an opportunity to teach the other students and her things they may not already know.
While looking through the website, I also came across a video based in an elementary classroom in South Carolina. I was interested to see it because I am an elementary education major. These students had learning stations and each one was different, however they were all very technologically based. The students were assessed at the beginning of the year on the computer. The students had access to computers, and project supplies to produce all these cool projects. They were taught to teach themselves. They worked together in collaborative groups for learning and for projects. This way the teacher was more available to walk around and help the students who needed help.
Through this website, I also learned the importance of having an effective classroom. It is very necessary to have valid space so the students are not crammed and so the teacher can move around. The effect that technology and teacher interaction has on the interest of students became very clear. Technology is becoming more and more important in today’s world, and it is important for students to know how to work with this kind of equipment. The students in these videos were so excited to learn and work together to figure out the things they did not know.

The Networked Student by Shakeya Andrews

I was amazed at all the resources that the networked student used without having a textbook. In most college classes students rely on their textbook to help gain insight of what they need to know about their class, but I learned that there are more resources out there other than the traditional textbook. While watching the video, I asked the question “If the teacher almost never lectures how does the student know what he should be learning?” As I continued to watch I found out that the teacher give the  students the opportunity to find ways to enhance what they need to know such as blog sites and google. The student in the Networked Student used google scholar, which I have never heard before and he was also able to use Skype. The networked student also used blogs to help gather information and give his opinion of different topics.
Why does the networked student need a teacher? Every student needs someone to guide them to their resource.  If I did not sign up to take EDM 310, I would not have thought about making a blog or all of the opportunities having a blog can offer. Having a teacher while being a networked student can be beneficial  because students are able to go to the teacher for questions about unfamiliar networks and problems that may occur.
The student also used his MP3 player as a tool to gather information. He used Podcast and Itunes to access other college professors and their view on different topics. Not only do the student use the internet as a source for researching things, but he also shares his knowledge through videos.
Teaching in the 21st Century by Tracy Armstrong

Teaching in the 21st Century according to Kevin Roberts means to put down the chalk and do away with the chalkboard and learn more innovating ways to teach your students. The question was posed on were teachers obsolete. I believe that Roberts was saying that if the teachers don't become educated about the various uses of technology that they will become obsolete. Teachers must be ever learning in order to be effective in their field. Roberts's video, covered a lot of valid and vital information. It gave examples of the different tools that are available such as youtube, blogs, and google just to name a few. The video also introduced a lot of the lingo associated with this 21st century technology such as subscribing, editing, uploading, searching, posting, linking and locating. I must admit that all of this information is overwhelming. However, I do agree that we need some conflict in order to change. If Roberts is correct about this 21st century teaching then that means that I have to become educated with the latest technology so that I won't become obsolete as an educator. I need to be able to give my students guidance and teach them how to differentiate between the various tools. The students need someone who can help them organize the information into ways that will help them in problem solving. I must engage the students so they may have long term, meaningful results. It would be my responsibility as an educator to teach the students how to communicate properly by being responsible and reliable.


  1. Comment to Emma's individual part of the assignment:

    "The teacher in this classroom taught these students everything they needed to learn and more." What do you mean by everything they needed to learn? The content of the lesson or the tools they needed to research the topic on their own? In order to be an effective teacher in the 21st century, you should be providing your students with the tools and resources they need rather than giving them the answer to remember.

    "While looking through the website, I also came across a video based in an elementary classroom in South Carolina." What was the video called? Provide a working link so that your readers can see the video as well.

    "The students in these videos were so excited to learn and work together to figure out the things they did not know." Hopefully in your field experience you will see first-hand how eager students are to work collaboratively.

    Good post, could use some work. This class is a learning process, so aim to get better each week.

  2. Also, you need to put your picture in your blog. Not only is it a requirement, it helps us to put a face to your name. The instructions on how to do that is in the instruction manual.

  3. (Comment for Emma's part of the post)
    I thought you summed up 'Harnessing Your Digital Smarts' really well! My only suggestion is that the last sentence in your first paragraph is a little unclear. I agree with you about the importance of an effective classroom! Good post.