Sunday, August 25, 2013

If I Built a School

If I built my own school, you could only imagine how much fun that would be!

If I built my own school it would be the best in the land.

If I built my own school, it would be all about the children! It would be HUGE! There would be playgrounds, and swimming pools, and tree-houses everywhere. I would have each room painted a different color. I think color helps children remember what they learned. Each room would be a different learning zone. They wouldn't have to sit in the same desk, in the room all day long.

The children would learn every subject in a fun way. Teachers would dress up and interact with their lessons to make school way more interesting for the kids. Math lessons would be interactive. Children would come up to the board and do their problems. All math lessons would be taught with treats. M&M's for addition, Skittles for subtraction! Anything and everything to keep them entertained! Phonics lessons would be like having a normal conversation. Charts would be hung up everywhere around the room, making them be seen. The kids could ask questions, and talk to one another, along with the teacher to make sense of all the rules of the English language. Reading would be story time every day! We would sit on the magic carpet and get into our stories. I would read and the kids would read. Story and reading time would be so thought out in all their imaginations that it would be real!

Kids would have computer time. They would have laptops and desktops to choose from. They would be able to freely explore all the aspects of a computer, because everyone knows this world is becoming completely electronic based. They would spend a quality amount of time each day playing on a computer. They would all be experts by the time they left my school.

So if I built my own school.. what about rules, guidelines? Nah! There would only be two: NO fighting, and come EXCITED to learn each and every day! I think that children need a good amount of freedom in school to actually be excited and want to come to school. In order for a teacher to be a good teacher, the ones they are teaching much be accepting of their information. The school would be based off the request of the children! They would know they had a say so in what went on!

And of course, more importantly, if I built my own school, the kids would still have time for recess. Not just normal recess however. The whole upstairs of the school would be one huge playground.Every type of jungle gym, monkey bar, slide, that a child could imagine! There would be tree-houses and pirate ships to play in also! And most importantly, swimming pools for the kids to jump in on a hot summer day! Recess would be something to be jealous of at my school.

Maybe some day I will become a millionaire and be able to create this masterpiece. Until then, I guess we will just have to sit back and wait. It sounds pretty awesome to me though!!


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  2. I agree with most of your ideas. I like the fact that kids will get a reward for doing well in the class because, they will want to do better if they know they will get a treat. I do not agree with not having too many rules. I think kids should have more rules than just no fighting. But overall, your school seems like it would be very laid back and fun. I think the kids will enjoy going to school and learning.

  3. "I think color helps children remember what they learned." interesting. Do you know of any evidence to support this hypothesis?

    "Children would come up to the board and do their problems." Why not do the problems on their iPad/computer which shows it instantly on a screen?

    "All math lessons would be taught with treats." Does math require bribery?


    What about the Mitra video? Did you watch it? I can't tell that you did.