Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog post #8

21st Century Teaching Tools by Emma Boren 
This 21st Century teaching tool that I chose was blabberize. This website makes pictures talk. This way, I, as the teacher, could put up pictures that show what we are learning, and incorporate what they should say to help the students learn. I think this would catch the students attention in a way that I couldn’t. They could get online and browse through the pictures and take in the information. I know when I was growing up, I would have enjoyed something like this. It was so hard for me to pay attention all day in the classroom. I believe that I could make this website fun and informational for my students. Visit Blabberize for more information. Another tool I would use in my classroom would be instructional video games. Such examples are World of Warcraft, Civilization IV, and Diplomacy. These video games are educational, and they would definitely interest the children. In today’s society, all kids do it seems like is play video games. I believe that these games would be useful tool to put in centers and let the children play in their free time. I don’t think there is a better way to keep a child’s attention. I want my classroom to be fun, but I also want the kids to be learning. I think that these would be ways to make my classroom different and make learning fun! I also think it would be a good way to get the kids adapted to technology.

21st Century Learning and Communicating Tools by: Tracy Armstrong
The learning tool that I will use when I begin my career as second or third grade teacher is Spree Learning. This is website that has multiple educational games that promote learning, exploring, thinking, and questioning while bringing high levels of engagement. On spree learning, you can search for games by subject, age or grade level. The site even contained games that were appropriate for children with autism. One of these games in particular autism emotions game allowed the autistic students to adjust separate parts of the face to represent common emotions. Although, I am not planning to enter the special education phase, I know how important is is to be prepared and ready for whatever may come my way.I also think that one of the challenges of educating students with special needs is to be able to keep them engaged in the learning environment. I will use this tool to to help students acquire and practice skills that are needed to enhance their understanding of science, math, art and history. I will also use this tool as a review of subjects that the students are learning at the time.I chose this tool because I think it will allow me to have all of the students completely and totally engaged 100% of the time. This tool will also allow for the students to have fun while learning.

21st Learning and Communicating Tools by: Shakeya Andrews 
In my classroom I would like to use tools like Funbrain and Classroom Quizmo. I chose an online resource and a board game to give my students variety of in the classroom. I’m afraid that if I allow my students to use one type of learning tool they will become extremely bored and shut down. I chose Funbrain as one of my learning tools because it has many different subjects that the students can choose to work on. Funbrain is also an online website that includes some of the subjects included in the Alabama Common Core Standard like reading and math. On the Funbrain website there are a list of different math, reading, and fun arcade games for students to explore. There are also word puzzles, comic books, and fill in the blank stories for students to access on Funbrain. The website is not hard to access and the students do not have to create a username nor password to login in they simply go to the website, click on what they want to work on, and get started. I hope to spend at least an hour a week on Funbrain in my classroom or allow students the opportunity to use it during their free time. The activities on Funbrain includes work for children in grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Hopefully my second graders will find interest in the website and use it as a tool to use throughout elementary and middle school. I found funbrain resourceful because on the webpage there are grade levels listed and activities listed below each grade level so that students can work on a lesson that suits what they know. To me the page is organized well enough for a 2nd grader to be able to use without someone supervising them. I would also like to use Quizmo in my classroom. Quizmo is a board game that deals with math, phonics, spelling, writing, and much more. Find out what Quizmo has to offer for your classroom.


  1. Hi Emma -
    The website Blabberize that you discussed sounds interesting and I would like to check it out and see if I could use it in the classroom. I was confused by your choice of video games. I searched the web for the games that you mentioned and don't understand how those would fit appropriately in a classroom. Maybe I found the wrong games so a link would help in the future. You also said that "all kids do it seems like is play video games" so why give them more of an opportunity to do only that? I hope that my future classroom is fun too! Good luck with your studies.

    Jennifer Hamrick

  2. Funbrain and Quizmo both sound like engaging resources that you can use in the classroom and can be resourceful across the curriculum. It is great that they do not require students to create accounts to access it. This makes the tool easier and more appealing for teacher and parents alike.

    Spreecast is also very versatile and another resource to be used across the curriculum. It would be a great tool to use for review games or as a center for the students.

    Blabberize is a tool that I have never heard of before, but sounds like it can be used in many ways. I think it would be great to use, especially for beginning readers with letter sounds.

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