Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post #14

The blog post I would incorporate into EDM 310 would be to go sit in a classroom (appropriate to the grade/subject you want to teach) observe and write a post about how that teacher used technology in the classroom.

Blog Post 14

I hope to teach 1st or 2nd grade one day, so I sat and observed in a second grade class.

This teacher used different forms of technology. She used her smart board a lot. She also used YouTube videos, and the kids used computers for accelerated reader.

One of the subjects the teacher used her smart board for was language. She would first pull up YouTube videos on the smart board about the area of speech they were covering that day; nouns, verbs, adjective. She would let the children watch it, and then she would ask them questions about what they learned. She would then pull up lists of words for the students to identify. For example, one day, they were covering singular and plural nouns. The student called on would read the word then come up to the smart board and write whether it was singular or plural. Another activity she did was allowing the students to come to the smart board and change the singular nouns to plural.

I also observed the smart board being used for math. There would be problems on the board, and the students would come up and write the answers on the board.

During center time, the students could use the smart board to practice their spelling words. They used a program that allowed them to pull letters onto the white space. Center time also allowed the students to get on the computers to take their AR tests. Lastly, sometimes, the students were allowed to use iPads to play educational games on during center time.

While this teacher did not have a class blog, I still think I observed good use of technology. It still played a big role in her classroom, and I believe I got some good ideas to use in my future classroom.

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